• lifegroups

    LIFE Groups = Small Group Fellowship & Bible Study

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    Our LIFE Groups span all age groups and life situations, offering immediate friendships and long-term healing through fellowship around God's Word. It's just impossible to grow spiritually without the encouragement and accountability of a network of spiritual friends.

    Our strategy is simple. We challenge every person, from the new in faith to the mature in faith, to "ADD" spiritual growth to their life and maintain it. It's stated in a 4 part acrostic, P.L.U.S.

    Pursue God: Learn to hear from God daily in prayer

    Live connected: Develop worship and service priorities

    Upgrade life: Transfer biblical principles to your family & lifestyle

    Share stories: Start conversations about what God is doing in your life right now!



                ADULT 2 CLASS:

                              SUNDAYS @ 5pm at Destiny Church Campus

    Adult 2 LIFE Group gathers for 1-hour Small Group Fellowship, Bible Study and discussion

    Various Series and Studies



    6:30pm....RENEWED MS/HS Students to College LIFE Groups

Our lifegroup leaders

  • mark wills

    INFO: 864-201-7909


    • Mark and wife Robin (Administrative Assistant) have 3 children & 4 Grandchildren

    • Career: Project Manager

    • Has been teaching for 35 years and loves when someone sees God in a deeper way

  • eddie black

    INFO: 864-444-8396


    • Eddie and wife Beth (Business Owner - Fancy Details) have 2 Children

    • Career: Research and Development for a Nutritional Company

    • Has been teaching for 25 years loves studying God's Word so he can have more sharing opportunities

  • van pinckney

    INFO: 864-505-1926


    • Van and wife Rebecca (Accounting) have 2 Children & 2 Grandchildren

    • Career: Construction Supervisor

    • Has been teaching for 28 years loves what he personally learns from preparing lessons and discussions during studies.