renewed basics

Middle School/High School/College

reNEWed Worship:  Sundays at 7:30 PM with music, games, prizes, and teaching (Students start showing up around 6:30 to hangout). 

reNEWed LifeGroups: Thursdays at 6:30 PM with large group teaching and small group discussion (groups are divided by gender)

At reNEWed, we are partners with parents (like spiritual back-up) for teaching beliefs . . . never a substitute because parents are the authority. We exist to REACH new students everyday and help them DEVELOP an authentic relationship with Christ by KNOWING, EXPERIENCING, STUDYING, and SHARING God with their world.


Our plan is to: 

  • Attract new students
  • Connect them to Jesus & His church
  • Transform them with God's Word
  • Send them to IMPACT THEIR WORLD.
  • We use strategic events, relationships and weekly services to help students grow and to create opportunities for students to serve!

events & opportunities

We are constantly doing stuff to grow our fellowship as a group. There are a couple new things coming up for the rest of this semester!

Upcoming Events: 

Kickball at Sunset Park (Saturday, Oct. 13)

Hearts on Fire! (November 16-18)

Recent Events:

Back to School Bash

Celebrate reNEWed (We end the year by celebrating everything God has done for us!)

Ice Skating Downtown



If you are parent and want to help or want to know more about reNEWed Student Ministry or for More Info, contact Gavin Armstrong at (864)293-0369 or email him at